Welcome to my research page.  On this page you will find everything related to my research.

I am a statistician with an MSc Mathematical Statistics degree from the University of Pretoria, South Africa and a PhD degree from Wageningen University and Research Center. To find out more about my work and research, please follow the links below.

I have a strong background in mathematical statistics which I obtained during my bachelor and masters studies. In my PhD research, I moved  from mathematical to applied statistics. I enjoy looking for the theoretical statistical problem hiding in an applied research question.

My statistical research experience include statistical distribution theory, Bayesian statistics, extreme value theory and non-parametric methods. I am interested in applying my statistical expertise to medical and health related research areas. I would like to research and develop new statistical theory motivated by questions from both the applied and the theoretical side of statistics – developing statistics to solve applied problems as well as purely for the sake of beautiful statistical theory.